November 23rd, 2010
Break The Night To Me Gently Oh Lord
Big Pauper
Cops Eat Flowers

♫ Big Pauper - Break The Night To Me Gently Oh Lord

Circle Into Square released a free EP today by Big Pauper, a Portland-based hip hop producer and mash-up artist. This is one of those EP’s that do not fit into one or two, or even three genres because the music seems to span the entire musical universe. You can find pretty much anything on there: ambient soundscapes, trip hop, classical instrumentation and even some bluegrass. All songs start off with samples from cassette tapes or B-movies and develop into a mix of sounds, kept together by synthesizers, a distinctive hip hop beat and a constantly present tape hiss.

Big Pauper will be releasing a full length album on Circle Into Square before May of next year, called “Beyond My Means”. As for now, download this little EP for free from the Circle Into Square website in return for your e-mail address.

For more music by Big Pauper (formerly known as Panzah Zandahz), take a look at his bandcamp and check out the website for Token Recluse, his own instrumental hip hop label.

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